Anomalies occur daily and out of the vast numbers, I usually just show enough to encourage others to look beyond our daily routine and seek out their loved ones that have passed. I thought back and forth about this occurrence and wondered if I should show this to the casual visitor.
I have a camera that uses electricity over just battery. It always remains on. At night it records in infrared and in the day color. Each night I set an audio recorder some where in the room that my parent’s and son’s urn are in. This camera also records audio but I prefer to do both.
On 10/28/2019 The alarm went off and notified me by phone and on my tablet. I immediately check via playback. I saw nothing. The camera was still in infrared mode. I went back to sleep. The alarm tripped a few times over the night. Checking the playback in the morning, I saw some flickers that I excused as particles in the air.
My wife was off today, and we went out together for the afternoon. I checked the camera when I was back home and saw a video that was messed up. Back when my son first died his friend Will came to me and asked if I had searched for him. I had not. When we recorded a video in the bathroom that he died, the bottom half of the video was messed up with slurred colors and the top half was clear.
Well this video was very similar. It shows what appears to be my son Jeremy. For your own discretion I am showing a photo of Jeremy and his girlfriend. He had shorter hair than mine. I have extracted still images from this distorted video. All areas except what looks like Jeremy are messed up. So you can see the layout of the room I am showing an infrared image of the room from the first playback from the night before. It looks like Jeremy was near the Halloween tree in most of these frames. He too liked Halloween. This tree is very close to the top of the ceiling and so is the image of what appears to be Jeremy’s head. It looks like he was up higher than he stood when alive. One frame looks like he has jeans on. I have one image that looks like he moved to the front of the urn case.
Last week I had things moved on the top of this case and when I questioned my wife and kids, they all told me that they did not touch anything. My wife suggested that perhaps they moved from walking by. If this were true, then the movement still be doing it I would think. Nothing has moved since. I have had cards moved from side to side and bibles turned around. Seems unlikely that walking by does that just a few times one week and never again.
I feel that my efforts to capture something that can not be readily explained have had success. I take comfort in believing that my son after 2 ½ years is still coming around. I have recorded many apparitions and his blue light orb, but this is a first time that I have record something when I was not home.

Layout of room as seen the night before after camera alarm tripped
My son as he was …….

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