My son died from a heroin and fentanyl mix. He was right handed and the needle that killed him was not injection by him. The needle was put into his right arm up high and to towards the shoulder. He threw up and swallowed it into his lungs causing a violent death.

When I call out to souls I ask for validation of who comes to me. I want to make certain that I am actually reaching the correct soul. Yes, since I was young it has been just that simple of a task for me. With modern electronics it is easier.

My son’s soul approached me and I asked for validation. I got the following…

He actually started the conversation on this evening and mentioned a person who was responsible for his demise. A man named Joel Sophia. The following words came through.

I asked if this was about my son’s murder but the replies stated that it was not.

For most of an hour he just wanted me to ask about it. I understood who I could ask, and I sent a text message that night. I had asked my son if he was alone and this is what I was told.

I guess that this was supposed to be no…

I actually was not using a camera at this time. After some time went by this came up on the screen.

My son showed me that he cares and can be concerned as well.

I told him that it was late for me and that I was going to go to sleep soon. I got this and thought that it was funny. Almost like zzzzzzz for sleeping.

The next morning I got a reply to my text.

I will not show the full paper. However the letter that my son was referring to and that I had no knowledge of was a court document that clearly shows Joel Sophia named first in a lawsuit.

So you see. There is no end to life in death. My son is alive but different. He is active and caring. The entire point of this blog post is to show that those who have shed the flesh can still be very aware of things going on. People think that souls are stuck and have to say goodbye. It is NOT the case at all. Not all of my experiences with reaching out are so detailed but many are. Enough for me to fully understand that life continues.

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