Jeremy and I used to go to places and sometimes he would drive. Most of the time he road in the front passenger seat with the seat tilted back. For shits and grins I was alone and decided to take a ride and photo my car to perhaps make a poster. I called out to Jeremy and asked if he was interested in being with me. I went to Calvary cemetery and took photos of my Challenger. I am posting a few here. Look at photos 4 and 5. Photo 5 is a cropped out section of the original number 4 photo. It looks like Jeremy to me. As I mentioned he would tilt the seat back and if he wanted to see if I was coming back to the car he would sit up and look over his shoulder. In the close up look at how the head rest is clearly in front of what appears to be a face. Not a reflection from the glass. Also notice how what appears to be a face covers the dash. These were taken around 10:30 am, September 5, 2019.
This is the poster that I created that day based on what I saw in photo number 4 and 5.
When I looked at this photo closely I noticed something very familiar to me. I saw my son looking back at me as he did many times before he died.
I zoomed in only using the viewer from Windows and there it was very clear.
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