Okay, I am going to share with you a video taken back when my son had just died. My daughter who was 8 at the time, and was upset. We both had a good cry about the loss of my son on this night. I grabbed my phone and told her that he would come if we called him. We called and his blue orb-light did come. I accidentally hit photo on my phone rather than record the first time. I thought nothing of it yet when I looked, there is a large white streak of light coming up the stairs and into her room. There have been several times that I hit photo instead of record and got a surprise.
I have so many videos and photos like these including two full apparitions of my son Jeremy.

To those who are lonely from loss of a life, please remember this. They are more lost. We have people to talk to. We have our lives, jobs, recreations to fall back on. They do not. They are really lost and want to communicate to people. Especially to those that loved them. So always reach out to them in any way that you are comfortable with. Me….I don’t care who is around. I speak out and because of it and my consistent nature, I get answered a lot.

Above is a photo that was taken by accident. I hit photo on my cell rather than video record. When I went to delete it, I saw a white streak coming from the stairs into her room. I took this and imediately started to record.

Video of Me and my daughter calling out to my son.

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