I communicate every day with one relative, friend, or estranged soul. Often these souls omit so much energy that magnetic field readers sore high, battery equipment drain, and sometimes electronic lights or devices are effected as well.

Here is a segment of a video of me talking to my mother who has been deceased since July 15, 1988. On my camera when recording, either the flash is on or off. You can’t change it while it’s recording. My mother uses the light at times to answer me. The magnetic field here peeked at 20,936.996. A normal magnetic field measures between 30 to 60 UT or 0.3 to 0.6 G.

My equipment does not last long when this happens and I usually get very tired or get a head ache as well.

Look just under the large numbers and you will see that the mag field peeked at 20,936.996.
I had to switch batteries shortly after starting this video because of power drain. This 30 second segment shows a typical response to me speaking out to my mother.

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