I have used an app for android called Ghost Detector and have had tremendous results over the last 2 years. I have been expanding software to include those for Windows as well. I did a session to call out to my friend Joseph Whitmoyer using the Ghost Detector app, a Windows program called PSI Bank Player that sweeps through sound files that you can place into 3 different sound banks. It proceeds to go through these, and certain words are played back. For this session I had 5,388 words installed to use. It also has a photo bank. As these play it is almost impossible to retain what is being said so I audio record the process as well.
To show you just how accurate the Ghost Detector app has become for me I am showing some of the screen shots. This app listens to multiple frequencies and shows the words being said. Now this is where it gets exciting and interesting for me. My friend Joe Whitmoyer has two grand children and when asked to validate who I am talking to the screen printed two words separately. Mason and Kayla. Joe has a grandson name MAYSON spelled with a “Y” and a granddaughter KAYLA. This can not be a coincidence. I asked what do you see? The tablet took a while but printed “PENDANT”, JOSEPH, PASS, and N. My last name in Passon…. pronounced “Pass N”. I wear my son’s remains in a pendant all of the time.
There is more time needed to listen to the sound files. I am now using four programs on my Windows PC. AVS Audio Editor, Audacity, Wave Pad, and Ocean Audio.
I am sharing this to encourage you, the reader to not forget your loved ones. Don’t just talk about them in the past tense. You are heard. You are observed.
I am fortunate that I have all the time I want to investigate and research. Though my heart aches when I miss what I had with the people that I knew that died, I have become aware that all of them are still near and involved in my life. I am no different than any of you. Don’t just miss what you had with them….find them. Death is not an end of existence, it’s just a change.

PSI Bank Player on Windows platform

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