What if I were to tell you that astral projection has been PROVEN to be true?

What if I were to tell you that there have been DOCUMENTED cases of people who have seen very specific things from many miles away… while they’re bodies were elsewhere and their “astral eyes” reported things happening that were patently IMPOSSIBLE if the whole thing were a hallucination?

I myself as a young boy have experienced out of body situations. When I came a crossed a book in my school library years later and I realized that I have already had episodes of projecting consciousness. I just didn’t know it at the time! I can recall many instances, which I simply put down to having vivid dreams or brushed aside through lack of understanding.

The truth is… all of the above statements are true, and I’m going to share some very little known facts I think you’ll appreciate, immediately below… 🙂

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Charles Tart is a well known, and well respected scientist to this very day. (his recent book, The End of Materialism, details his 4 decades plus of scientific study of the paranormal) Tart did a famous study with a woman who claimed to be able to have an OBE pretty much on command, and who CORRECTLY identified a 5 digit number placed close to the ceiling in room she had NEVER entered, while her physical body was being tested, in another part of the building. (she claimed her astral body traveled into the room, saw the number, returned… and reported it to the stunned scientists)

While you may be INCLINED to believe this was a set up… even die hard skeptics admit that the scientists involved in this study were of unimpeachable character, and no “conspiracy” or fraud was possible. (This is often cited as the Mrs. Z case, and you can find it in the astral projection literature, amongst 1000’s of other very strong cases)

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Being able to see things from FAR away, while your body is “local” is referred to as remote viewing. (seeing remote objects while your consciousness – or brain – is “local”… 🙂 Many of the most successful remote viewers claimed to be out of their bodies and in the astral realms while picking up information… and this INCLUDES many of the subjects of the CIA’s 10 year plus study into this practice for the purpose of developing psychic SPIES! (it was called OPERATION STARGATE, and to this day, is some of the MOST impressive evidence that ordinary people could be trained to do EXTRAORDINARY things we’ve ever seen… and offered by a Western government, no less!)

Science currently believes that astral projection is impossible based on what they currently know about the laws of physics. A large number of people, somewhere around 15% according to some research reports, have had a out of body experience. OBE’s are known to occur during a traumatic experience such as a life threatening accident. Often times the person will report floating above his body near the ceiling at the hospital. They also report that they could watch the operation of their physical body while it was being performed. They have also been able verify, once revived, what was said and what happened. This type of astral projection is called a near death experience – NDE.

A person can also have an out of body experience when in meditation, in a hypnotic trance or when they are sleeping. It is possible for your spiritual body to travel when you have an out of body experience. It has been reported that people have traveled to other countries and even other planets while astral projecting. The most amazing thing, people have verified information that they could not of known unless they had indeed been astral traveling.

Edgar Cayce is well known for going into a trance and giving medical advise to patients all over the globe. He did this while he was sitting at home in a deep trance. Edgar Cayce was widely and thoroughly investigated by doctors, scientist and reporters and they could not uncover any fraud associated with his skills. Most who investigated him came away completely convinced of his talent.

The CIA in the 70’s, along with the Department of Defense started a secret research program into astral projection. The term they used was remote viewing and they achieved a measure of success. The purpose of this program was to obtain secrets and information about the enemy. They were also interested in conducting psychic warfare. Some of the known targets are listed below.

A retired Special Project Intelligence Officer for SSPD, SSD, and 902d MI Group, Joe McMoneagle claimed he left the Stargate project in 1984 with a Legion of Merit Award. This was for providing information on over a 100 targets with information could not be obtained in any other manor.

One remote viewer in 1974 described a large airfield with a crane and gantry at one end. This turned out to be the Soviet testing site for Semipalatinsk. This was thought to be a secret underground nuclear testing area. The data on this was never made public.

A Soviet Tu-95 bomber had crashed in Africa and a remote view was asked to locate the crash site. He apparently did within a couple miles.

The National Security Council asked about a Soviet submarine under construction in 1979. The remote review reportedly described the submarine in great detail, which was later confirmed.

in 1988 a remote viewer correctly located kidnapped Marine Col William Higgins being held in lebanon.

Remote views during the Golf War located where Saddam Hussein was hiding.

Remote viewers were reported to of helped find missiles, biological weapons and tunnels at extensive underground facilities.

The project after being in the hands of several different government agencies was reported to have been terminated in 1995.

Science continues to look for explanations in the known laws of nature, while the human steps beyond what we consider the laws of nature. For many the proof from science is not required to continue their practice of astral projection and other areas of psychic phenomenon. The overwhelming evidence of astral projection and other esp / psychic experiences just cannot be ignored.

The author Paul Andrew Todd was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and Since a very early age Paul has had a interest in metaphysics. He has read and studied extensively in the fields of spirituality, metaphysics, religion, mind control and other personal improvement areas. Paul has been a certified hypnotherapist for thirteen years. He graduated from the Cincinnati School of Hypnosis in 1996. Paul also has been practicing meditation daily since 1994. He is a trained yoga teacher and meditation instructor. Paul learned yoga at Rishikesh Yogpeeth in India. Since early 2009 Paul has been traveling the world and living on the road. His life’s work is dedicated to it.

For me, as a young boy, I had an active mind. I would be sent to bed and think about all sorts of things. I laid flat and tried to sleep by not moving. As I would be laying still, I slowly lost the sensation of my arms and legs. It felt like they went into my body. I would then feel no feeling what so ever and it was almost like I was in a large dark room. Then almost immediately after that feeling I would be out. I found myself moving freely through walls doors. At first, I thought these were reoccurring dreams when I woke up. One evening, I found myself outside of my parent’s home at the bottom of our driveway. I remember looking at the clouds moving in front of the moon. I floated upward at will and I was looking down at all the roof tops of the homes.

I had always thought that I was dreaming until I eventually floated into a home of our neighbor and not only could I see but I could hear as well. Only when my Mom had told me what the neighbor had told her about getting a pool did I realize something else was going on. I already knew about it and I knew more than she did about the cost and other details that I had thought I dreamed about. She went back to our neighbor and asked about the details that I had told her and the neighbor told her yes about all of it. The neighbor thought that her husband told my Mom more details, but my Mom and the neighbor’s husband never spoke about it.

So what works for me could be described as either, Falling Asleep Physically Without Losing Wakefulness, or, Waking Up Mentally But Not Physically. Astral projection is truly the MOST fun, liberating and life changing experience you can imagine. Getting into a relaxed state worked for me and may work for you as well if you wish to learn how to do it at will. Although you can find courses on this I would advise you to just save your money and try different things to discover what works for you. It is real and it is worth the effort.

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