Dust orbs will always be small, They will always float with air flow. They can be bright or dim depending what the particle is. I usually record video and extract certain frames of the video to save a photo. I can clearly see the characteristics from a video to help me determine what I am recording.

Paranormal orbs act much differently. The largest orbs that I ever recorded were on an old road in Atco NJ.  Several were seen and recorded moving from the woods, down the street and circled around my son. My son was over 5 feet tall and these orbs were close to his size See the two images below:

Paranormal orbs will change shape and colors. They move independently even against the direction of air. On video I have recorded them appearing at a stand still looking like some sort of colored cloud and moving about, then disappearing. This is why I prefer to video record rather than still photography. I have seen orbs change shape and mimic things that they are near then go back to a sphere. They can go from a sphere to a long light streak then go back to being a sphere. My son died on May 17, 2017. He has come to me in many forms ever since. Below are certain frames that I extracted images out to show you how a true paranormal orb can mimic what it sees. Notice how when near a hanging seagull this orb shows me that it is seeing it too by changing shape. This orb comes when called.

Below is also the orb that shows when calling out to my son. Here it shows a face within it. This too was extracted form a video, and yes it was its own light source. The video was taken in very low light. No flash.

Within my home I have recorded orbs and light of the colors blue, red, green, and orange. Colors have meaning and below I have them defined.

Potential meanings of orb colors include, but aren’t limited to:

Black: Malevolent

Blue (dark): Shy spirit

Blue (light): Tranquil, peace

Blue (medium): Protection

Brown: Danger or earthbound

Gold: Angelic, unconditional love

Green: Healing orb or spirit

Lavender: Messenger from God

Orange: Protection, forgiveness

Peach: Spirit sent to comfort you

Pink: Accepting spirit

Purple: Orb of information

Red: Anger or passion

Silver: Messenger

Violet: Guide for spiritual matters

White: Protection of holy light and power

Yellow: Warning

You will have more success in revealing true paranormal orbs over particles reflecting surrounding light if you rely on video verses still photography. Looking slowly frame by frame you will be able to see the appearance, movement, and exit of the light orb. This does not mean that you should not use still photography it just means that it is more clear for all to see what is going on. Take notice to air flow and if the light orb that you captured changes or just stays round. I encourage you to be your own skeptic. When I first captured what I believe to be my son I was not convinced myself. I know that I wanted to believe. However, I have so many videos and have recorded interaction between guests at my house and this orb that I have no doubts. I have recorded the real deal.

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