“Why do we die?”; I was asked a by person who recently had a loved one pass on.

The answer is very simple.

Our bodies die and we part from those who are still physically here to enable all of us to have an understanding of what life is about. Everyone of us are equally important and each of us have a connection to everyone else.

Our purpose.

Many never seek the meaning of our existence, but for those who do, they will find it.

I have been approached by many who have died through out my life. Yes, I am speaking of souls coming before me. Again this is why I created afterdarkclub.com. From a young age I liked scary movies, and spooky stuff. At the same time I experienced many paranormal things.

They are still existing but are different ….changed.

Every established religion in the world, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Folk religion, Taoism, Shinto, Faun Gong, Sikhism, Korean Shamanism, Caodaism, Cheondoism, Hoahaoism, and many more, teach us that this is not the only existence.

They are all correct. We change….but we exist.

It is sad that speaking to them, seeing them, seeing any signs of their continuation is up to them to reach out to us, We get lonely for those that we had in our lives. Many of those who have died get equally lonely for those they left here. Just let your tears be for your loneliness. They are alive and each and everyone one of us will change eventually too.

This post was created for the person who contacted me. However, it applies to all of us.

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